Our inaugural “Ten on Tuesday” REDitorial kicks off with beautiful Dartmouth Nova Scotia! What 10 things do we love about Dartmouth? Let’s get started:

1. @HelloDartmouth: Sweet Tweets from the Dartmouth streets!

2. An Outdoor Library in Dartmouth North! The first outdoor library space in Canada, and it’s right here!

3. Yeah Yeah’s Pizza You like pizza? Yeah! You like it in your neighbourhood? Yeah! You’ve come to the right place!

4. The Dartmouth 4-Pad: Ice ice baby!

5. Atlantic Cirque: Run off with the circus - if only in your imagination.

6. Who doesn’t love a local farmer’s market with lots of variety? You’ll LOVE the Alderney Landing Farmer’s Market. Check out the video:

7. Shubie Park,The “jewel of Dartmouth” - take a video tour:

8. The Wooden Monkey on the Dartmouth Waterfront: Healthy, local, sustainable food transformed into sumptuous culinary creations!

9. Destination Dartmouth, hosted by Gloria McCluskey. Did we every really think the Queen of Dartmouth would retire?

10. Our New Dartmouth Office! Yes, it’s true - Red Door Realty is coming to Paddler’s Cove! Renovations are well underway and soon everything will be perfect. We’ll let you know when we open the doors!

So that’s our Ten on Tuesday, over too soon to do the City of Lakes justice. Do you have anything to add? Let us know!

Red Door Realty is coming to Paddler's Cove!
Red Door Realty is coming to Paddler’s Cove!