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Estèle Jehan - Nova Scotia Realtor with Red Door Realty

Estèle, with an accent on the second E, is originally from France but has lived in Canada for more than 13 years, working as a real estate agent in Montreal, with both French and English clients.

Born in France, raised in Africa (Cameroon) and her mother is from this little paradise island called Mauritius. She was a flight attendant for 10 years for Air France, so she has travelled all around the world, finally deciding to land in Canada in 2009. Since then, she has worked in a French Patisserie, as a patient coordinator for a plastic surgeon, and finally as the manager of a aesthetic clinic.

For her 40th birthday she wanted a new challenge, so she became a REALTOR®️. Her experience of the real estate market of Montreal (which was as crazy as here, but 2 years earlier) is a plus you can’t ignore! We can definitely agree that customer service is part of her DNA.

Because she is always ready for new opportunities, she and her family (husband and 3 kids) moved to NS during summer 2021. She then joined the Red Door Realty family as soon as she could!

If you are looking for someone capable of understanding anyone in any situation, she is your person!
Buying or selling is a huge decision in life, so you need someone to make it as easy as possible for you to enjoy that event: you need ESTÈLE.


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